Call for Female-only Innovation Competition

Annual Technology Business Idea and Start-up Innovation Competition


The Office of Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer (ILTT), under the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, has organized an annual female-only technology-based innovation competition to host new female tenants/incubatees to its Technology Business Incubation Center (AAU-TBIC). The purpose of this innovation competition is to solicit viable technology business ideas, solutions and start-ups from top female innovators of the AAU community: The staffs, students and alumni of Addis Ababa University.

Who is eligible?

  • Female staff members of Addis Ababa University, female students and alumni (must be at least two years from the date of graduation and is currently unemployed) from the University  with a technology business idea or start-up to be scaled into a medium- or high-tech company.

Group female applicants (at least two members in a project) are encouraged.

  • An enterprise that is willing to grant AAU a 5% of its share or profit as applicable after graduation from the AAU-TBIC.

Application and Selection Procedures:

  1. Interested applicants registere for the competition and complete the application form and submit it to the Office of ILTT within the specified period;
  2. Short-listed eligible candidates nominated based on a preliminary screening criteria will take a two-days induction training on business modeling and planning;
  3. Upon completion of the induction training, contestants develop their business plan within a week or two weeks and submit it to the ILTT office for final competition;
  4. Contestants present and defend their business plan to the panel of judges composed of experts from relevant fields, and the jury select the final viable projects based on criteria developed by the office;
  5. The ILTT office rank the projects based on the consolidated results associated to each project and announce the winners;
  6. The AAU Research and Publication Senate Standing Committee endorses the projects selected to be hosted in the AAU-TBIC;
  7. Principal Innovators (PIs) and members of the eligible projects selected will sign a contract with the Office of ILTT and will be officially hosted at the AAU-TBIC at most for three-years.
  8. The Office of ILTT will provide facilities required to incubate and develop the business technologies as well as capacity building services to the tenants through its Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Registration period: March 8 – 21, 2022

Registration link:–osnQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

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