KaffaBio Control Profile

General Business Information

  • Business Name: Kaffabio Control PLC
  • Head Office Address: Addis Ababa.
  • Company Status: Established in May, 2021.
  • Contact Information of the Person in Charge:

Dr. Tesfaye Alemu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Addis Ababa University,

Tel. +251911407094

E-mail: tesfaye.alemu@aau.edu.et/ tesfayealemu932@gmail.com, P.O. Box: 1176.

Business Details

  • Date of Creation: Established in May, 2021.
  • Main Areas of Activities of Business: The company operates at the forefront of agricultural science in developing and commercializing effective and sustainable bio-fungicide products to coffee growers to protect their coffee from coffee wilt disease.
  • Main Products: Kaffabio – a Bio-fungicide produced from novel fungi
  • Main Services: Product delivery, Training and Consultancy
  • Principal Customer Industries and Geographies: Small and large coffee farmers reside in rural areas of Ethiopia and East African Countries.

Business Capacity

            Human Resources

  • Business Organization: 3 Co- founders

– Dr. Tesfaye Alemu (CEO),

– Mr. Afrasa Mulatu – Production Manager,

  • Number of Employees: – 3 full time
  • Financial: Currently, we are partnering with AAU, ILTT for financial support to plant the production and proceed with product registration.
  • We want to invite potential investors to join us.