AAU Technology Business Incubation Center (AAU-TBIC)

Addis Ababa University has two incubation centers. The first and the earlier one, which was established in 2013, is located at Amist-Kilo (Previous Pharmacy School). It is midway between the College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS) and the College of Business and Economics (CoBE), and it very close to the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT). These units of AAU are the major internal stakeholders of the TBIC. Currently, there are five incubatees at the AAU-TBIC. The new and the bigger one is located at the new building of the School of Commerce around Mexico, which the center and commercial hub of the City. The AAU-TBIC specializes in the incubation of technologies, and it has the following vision and missions:

Vision of AAU-TBIC

The AAU-TBIC aspires to be the best technology business Incubator in Ethiopia by identifying and promoting Ethiopian innovators, and developing their entrepreneurial talents in the incubation, thereby nurturing world-class knowledge and technology-driven enterprises.

Mission of AAU-TBIC

  • Be a center of excellence for entrepreneurship development and center of commercialization for innovative technologies of AAU ;
  • Provide infrastructure, management assistance, finance, and support networks that enable new and emerging companies to succeed and prosper, creating value-adding jobs for Ethiopians through commercialization of technology; and
  • Create, regulate and sustain a globally competitive entrepreneur-friendly environment and prepare home-grown entrepreneurs for global competition.
  • Enhance the income of the University through promoting the commercialization of startups from the TBIC.

The AAU-TBIC recruits technology-based small new enterprises (tenants) and provides them with working space, technological support, trainings for entrepreneurial skill development, and mentoring by successful CEOs for up to three years. Successful tenants, at the end of their stay in the TBIC, develops and have a prototype of their products tested and ready for production and commercialization. The AAU-TBIC will give graduating tenants further support in getting finance for the next stage as venture capital and/or endowment fund and/or loans from banks, etc.

List of technologies being incubated by the university

No Name of Incubatee Title of project
1. Prof Tsige GebreMariam Production of native and modified “Enset”, Diocorerea and Cassava for industrial applications: pharmaceutical, food, textile, and paper industries
2. Dr. Kamil Dino Adem Production and distribution of micro-gasifier and Injera baking gasifier stove
3. Dr. Daniel Dilbie Tessema Electric vehicle design and manufacturing
4. Mr. Getachew Teshome Solar charging station for rural schools
5. Mr. Kumlachew Dejene Ergonomic street cart